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FUTA hold SB responsible for violence against undergrads

2014 Oct 17

By Dasun Edirisinghe

Condemning last Sunday’s attack on a group of Sabaragamuwa University students the Federation of University Teachers’ Associations (FUTA) yesterday alleged that Higher Education Minister was responsible for the incident which had come close on the heels of his statement that he knew how to treat violent students if not for the upcoming elections.

FUTA Secretary Dr. Rohan Fernando said that it was a clear indication that the Minister himself should be held responsible for the act of violence.

It was no secret that Minister Dissanayake was carrying out the instructions of the government, Dr. Fernando alleged, adding that the government considered student leader an impediment to its efforts to ruin the state universities and violence was the government’s response to student agitations.

"That is why Minster Dissanayake is allowed to act without any restraint," the FUTA Secretary said.

If the present trend continued, universities would be ruined and only a handful from among the privileged classes would be able to access higher education.

The senior academic said that at the present rate the quality of higher education would be completely undermined.

"Even those of us who are not directly affected by this crisis need to be aware of the danger. We call upon all citizens to wake up to the crisis in higher education, to hold those in authority accountable for their actions and to call for an immediate halt to the violence meted out to the youth of this country."

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