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Government slams powerful nations

2014 Sep 13

The Government today told the UN Human Rights Council (UNHRC) that “coercive tactics” unilaterally exercised by more powerful states of the international community on small and economically weaker states is a hindrance to fostering a democratic and equitable international order.

Speaking at the 27th session of the UNHRC in Geneva, the Sri Lankan delegation said that while peace in indispensable in achieving a democratic and equitable international order, it also requires greater transparency and respect for the needs and aspirations of people in all regions of the world, regardless of economic power or geostrategic imperatives.

“We reiterate that a democratic equitable international order should also facilitate the realisation of right to development in its individual and collective dimensions, which needs full international cooperation,” the Sri Lankan delegation said.

Sri Lanka also raised concerns on the continues existence of nuclear weapons and their possible use or threat of use, poses an overarching threat to humanity and for the establishment of a democratic and equitable international order.

The Sri Lankan delegation said that Sri Lanka joins the collective voice for the elimination of nuclear weapons from national arsenals, taking into account the security interests of all states and on the basis of the principle of undiminished security for all.

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