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MR says no to devolve police powers

2014 Aug 19

President Mahinda Rajapaksa today insisted that police powers will not be devolved to the provinces under any circumstances.

The President said this when he met a group of foreign correspondents based in Colombo at Temple Trees this morning.

Rajapaksa said that all the provincial councils are already enjoying the authority to administer their respective areas.

However he said police powers will remain in the hands of the Government.

The Indian Government had over the weekend said it wants to see powers powers devolved to the provinces in Sri Lanka.

India said it has followed a principled approach towards the situation in Sri Lanka, especially in respect of implementation of the LLRC recommendations, devolution of powers and progress towards a meaningful political settlement.

Indian High Commissioner to Colombo Y. K. Sinha, in an interview with The Sunday Leader, had said that India hopes that the opportunity provided by the end to armed conflict in Sri Lanka, and subsequent positive developments such as the holding of elections to the Northern Provincial Council, can be utilized to ensure reconciliation and lasting peace and prosperity.

This, he says, in turn will not only enhance the bilateral relationship but also promote peace, justice, equality and self-respect for all minorities, including the Tamil people, in Sri Lanka.

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