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Four NGOs under scrutiny

2014 Aug 13

Four NGOs have come under scrutiny by the NGOs National Secretariat functioning under the Defence Ministry, officials said yesterday.

The NGOs, registered with this Secretariat, are required to submit their action plans and annual project proposals. NGOs that do not comply with the mandates approved by the National Secretariat will be subjected to scrutiny.

Earlier, the Secretariat headed by Saman Dissanayake issued a circular which banned NGOs from operating outside the mandate stipulated for them. The move earned criticism from both local and international quarters with the United States and the European Union issuing statements. The matter was also raised in Parliament by the main opposition United National Party (UNP).

Mr. Dissanayake said four NGOs had come under scrutiny by his institution.

“We are carrying out investigations at the moment. Once investigations are over, we will decide on the action to be taken against them,” he said and added that some of the NGOs had been banned in the past. More than 1,400 NGOs are registered with the Secretariat while the government is planning to enact new legislation to regulate NGO activities. (Kelum Bandara)

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