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'Anonymous SMS campaign to discredit ex- GMOA president'

2014 Jul 16

By Don Asoka Wijewardena

Senior Lecturer of the Faculty of Medicine Rajarata University, Dr. Channa Jayasumana yesterday said that his University colleagues and he had been collecting documentary evidence to ask the CID to investigate anonymous SMS messages sent to doctors to discredit GMOA former President Dr. Anuruddha Padeniya.

Dr. Jayasumana said that the sponsors of the mud-slinging campaign against Dr. Padeniya were powerful agrochemical and milk food companies. For in the entire GMOA history it was Dr. Padeniya who had dared expose the errant milkfood and agrochemical companies responsible endangering people’s lives.

Dr. Jayasumana added that even the milk food industry was using harmful substances and people, especially children were prone to many diseases. Since last week the GMOA rival group comprising only seven doctors had launched a SMS campaign calling on all doctors not to support Dr. Padeniya. In fact the agrochemical and milk food mafia had been spending a great deal of money to oust Dr. Padeniya who had led a strong campaign to attack such companies which had been trying to take people for a ride.

Dr. Neroshana Premaratne who contested for the post of GMOAˆpresident, contacted for comment, said his group was well aware of Dr. Padeniya’s limitations. Dr. Padeniya had, he said, commenced many welfare programmes for the doctors. But, those schemes had never got off the ground.

Dr. Premaratne said his group did not believe in slinging mud at anyone. "What I have noticed is that many doctors are not happy with the present office bearers of the GMOA. Its President once led a campaign against the Malabe PMC and in a few weeks the protest subsided. Then Dr. Padeniya led a campaign against milk food companies and after a few week it also fizzled out. Then he used a campaign against agrochemical companies it also went the same way as all his previous protest after a few weeks."

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