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UNP calls for government to declare a national Dengue emergency

2014 Jun 04

The Director General of Health Services says that all possible steps have been taken to mitigate the spread of Dengue.

Dr. Palitha Mahipala made these remarks in an exclusive interview with Newsfirst.

Q : A large number of adults as well as children have contracted this disease. Several fatalities have also been reported. The rains have begun once more, so isn’t there a risk that dengue may spread once again?

A : Dengue has begun to spread with the rainy weather conditions being experienced. As the number of patients increase, we should look into how relevant authorities can combine their efforts to reduced the number of Dengue patients being reported. As the Ministry of Health, our main responsibility is to treat these patients. As the ministry, when the number of patients increase, we should ensure that we take the necessary steps to provide the facilities for patients. We should take steps to expand laboratory facilities and we are in the process of doing it.

Meanwhile, the United National Party has called on the government to declare a national emergency and take steps to deal with the spread of Dengue.

UNP Media Spokespersson MP Gayantha Karunathilake expressed following views:

“We are all aware that Dengue has become an epidemic in the Western Province and in other parts of the island. We cannot see any proper programme or focus on the part of government health authorities to eradicate this epidemic. We call on the President, the Minister of Health and the Government to declare a national emergency with regard to Dengue and take immediate steps to rescue the people of our country.”

He added: “All we can see is that the government is following a policy of imposing severe taxes and fines instead of seeking solutions for these serious problems.”

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