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Truth And Reconciliation

2014 May 27

What is the basis of forgiveness? Why do we need to forgive? Everyone needs to ask these fundamental questions to have peace of mind.

If we don’t forgive it means that we will continue to hold on to the perceived sense of grievances and believe that the world has treated us unfairly. When we take on such a position, we then inevitably proceed to hold someone else responsible for how we feel. Thus, we become helpless victims at the mercy of others and reinforce the belief that “at your hands brother, I die”.

In this way, grievances become real in our minds, dominate our world and there is no escape from distress. We blame someone else and, as a victim of any such grievance, it is neither possible to ‘love your neighbor as yourself’ nor to ‘conquer hatred with love’. There is no basis to forgiving if this were ever true.

The whole ideology for such a thinking stems from the fact that we are material beings. Once we accept that we are physical embodiments – and there appears to be no choice in this regard – then the laws of scarcity always hold true for us.

As resources appear scarce, the next best opportunity foregone is an inevitable outcome, the moment these limited resources are redistributed to society. A sense of inequality naturally must ensue from the scarcity principle which gives rise to economic and political biases.

When the Government decides to reallocate resources subject to race prerogatives, or other national interest priorities, the minority communities may justifiably feel marginalized should they be overlooked in any way. Governments by virtue of their superior force and power are expected to be equitable.

When they do or don’t, one set of people may perceive their wellbeing compromised. When such a position is taken seriously, the minority group, in this case, could rebel against the treatment of inequality being meted out to them by their Government.

Civil wars and acts of terrorism stem from these realities. In eradicating terrorism, people experience the harsh reality of war and the vanquished will invariably take on the victimized position. Victims can never forgive nor forget; because, that’s their self-perception. And if they forget then there is a strong probability that such unfair treatment would be meted out again. If the Jews forget the holocaust, there is a good chance that history would repeat itself, lest they forget to keep that memory alive!

This is how the world thinks and it’s precisely this kind of thinking which has kept us in the quagmire of wars, conflicts, poverty, loss, separation and death from time immemorial.

Is there a better way, or another way to think so that we may have dominion over all things?

The identification of a particular set of people as a minority group – one that is strictly based on ethnic, gender or religious propensities – is a classification made primarily due to physical characteristics and blood groups. The body is the sole criterion for arriving at such a determination.

Accordingly, the body is a witness to this diversity and state of separation.

The body dictates the laws of physics, medicine, economics, and politics. Without such a limitation we would have premised our belief system on something else.

Most religions claim that man is more than a mere representation of a body and, in fact, assert that the body is a limitation on the free spirit of mankind. We cannot refute the fact that we are bodies when the truth of the matter is self-evident. But we could rise above these limitations and see ourselves differently—that, we are abstract mind appearing as concrete form.

In Buddhist scripture, “Mind is the forerunner of all things.” This means that the mind preceded the body. Properly speaking, Mind is the “cause” and the body its “effect”.

The body is a separation device and when authority is conferred upon it the laws of cause and effect get reversed. The world and the body become the locus of attention—the cause—while, in contrast, the mind gets overpowered by the world with our thoughts having little or no effect.

The body therefore dictates all the laws of the world upon the mind and our thought system only gives credence and obeys its callings. But what has taken place here is the reverse cycle of cause and effect. The mind actually gives authority to the body and hence it allows the body to override the authority of the mind. By implication, the mind then appears to become a victim of the body.

Once the secrets of the mind are uncovered, full authority over the body will be accomplished. The mind is no longer a victim of the body, or for that matter, from anything or from anyone. The mind has perfect immunity.

It’s in this exalted state that we could really forgive anyone or any unfairness that we perceived before. Actually there is no unfairness in the world being meted out to us, but our perceptions of unfairness, of the inequitable distribution of economic wealth, of majority will prevailing over the oppressed minority, of broken bodies and tortured spirits; all these things stem from the fact that we have renounced the only power we had over our material sense – the mind.

No one and no Government has power over anyone’s mind. They can imprison you or torture you but they can have no power to harm you unless you consent to this. But once you consent to this, you then reinforce the fact that the body has power over the mind and you become a slave to the capricious nature of the external world. In this fallen state, you have no power to forgive or forget.

Rising up again is the purpose of our existence here and with it we can forgive the world. In a forgiven world there is no one that needs to be forgiven. The mind is invulnerable as long as it is perfectly aligned with truth – and truth is power. The imperfection that we witness in the world is due to the erroneous identification of the true Self as opposed to the ego. When we identify ourselves with the true Self, the ego will be diminished and our sense of separation will fade. The true meaning of Christ’s resurrection was a complete lesson in true forgiveness. When the mind is awakened there will be no past to forgive.

There can be no laws that could be drafted to uphold the inalienable truth constituting the meaning of real impunity which is naturally inherited by man. Commissions set up to find and fault grievances will only too often fail. By looking at grievances and acknowledging their power to harm only reinforces and makes the error real. But man’s sovereignty cannot be destroyed as the mind is invulnerable to any form of attack unless you are in some way responsible for giving an illusion, a reality it does not have. For good order’s sake we could have those written agreements and needs must be so, but we must look beyond them to find real answers to conflict resolutions.

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