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Britain partly to blame for ethnic conflict in Sri Lanka “ Analyst

2014 May 06

An American human rights activist has accused Britain of playing a part in the rise of ethnic conflict in Sri Lanka, saying that part of the tension in the island nation was because the Sinhalese people were put below the Tamils by the then British Empire.

“In terms of Sri Lanka, the diplomat should know that part of the tension in Sri Lanka was that the Sinhala was put below the Tamil by the British,” Dr. Randy Short said in an interview with Press TV.

“Wherever the European people have gone, they have made things worse,” he said, expressing his views on the forces behind sectarian violence in different countries around the world, in the wake of ethnic violence in north-east India which have left dozens of Muslims dead.

“The Europeans in India, the British, did genocide on the Moguls, they killed hundreds of thousands of Muslim people and created greater tension between Muslims and Hindus than what existed before.”

“So, you can’t change history because you find your conscience pricked because you happen to identify with the people that commit these global crimes,” he said.

Dr. Randy Short, a member of the Dignity, Human Rights and Peace organization, went on to accuse the United Nations of acting with bias on world issues.

“The United Nations tends to protect the rights of the lighter skinned, powerful people. It can create a state of Israel and yet can’t address the issue in Syria and can’t stop genocide in Gaza and doesn’t do anything about genocide against Muslims in Africa or for that matter, anywhere else.”

“This is just a fact. It is an outrage that in Myanmar that the Western countries are flooding in to do business with that country as they exterminate people,” Dr. Short said.

“ It’s about people being paid under the table and looking the other way as people get murdered and that sometimes happens to Christians like West Papua with the Indonesians killing folks, but it’s all about money and who is getting the most? The Western countries.”

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