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BASL takes case of 'unfair judicial promotions' to Mahanayakes

2014 May 06

By Cyril Wimalasurendre
A delegation of the Bar Association of Sri Lanka (BASL) led by its President Upul Jayasuriya told the Mahanayaka Theras of Malwatte and Asgiriya recently that there were many irregularites in the judicial system.

At a meeting the prleate of Asgiriya Most Venerable Udugama Sri Buddharakkitha and the prelate of Malwatte Most Venerable Tibbatuwawe Sri Siddhartha Sumangala Theras, the BASL President said the biggest problem was the appointment of junior personnel to top positions.

The elevation of person on the basis of political and personal connections should not be tolerated, he said.

The vacant positions in the Attorney General’s Department had remained unfilled for quite some time, while some other appointments in the judiciary were made with no heed for seniority, Upul Jayasuriya told the Mahanayakes.

He said appointments and promotions in the judiciary were made not by the proper authorities but by others mostly on political grounds.

At this rate there was the possibility of a breakdown in the judiciary of the country since there was frustration among officials, Jayasuriya said, adding that his organisation which was a responsible body in the legal sector of the country urged the prelates to advise those responsible to refrain from interfereing with the judiciary.

Most Venerable Udugama Sri Buddharakkitha Mahanayake Thera of Asgiriya told the delegation that he, too, admitted that the junior hands should not be promoted to positions.

Those with longer experience and service were naturally discouraged and disinterested in their duties when junior hands were elevated above them, the Mahanayake Thera noted.

Besides those elected or appointed to high positions should give up their political and other personal affiliations and treat everyone alike, the prelate said.

Venerable Mahanayake Thera told the deputation that he had at several occasions advised the authorities to do the right thing but to no avail.

"Even in the case of the former Chief Justice my advice was not heeded," but I shall do my best with regard to what was brought to my knowledge, the prelate assured.

Most Venerable Mahanayake of Malwatte Tibbatuwawe Sri Siddhartha Thero told the deputation that the advice given by him was disregarded by the authorities.

He said he had received numerous complaints.

Recently, a memorandum with the Signatures of all four Mahanayake Theras against the Casino Bill had been sent to the President but there was no response, the Mahanayake noted.

"I do not agree with he nature of appointments and promotions awarded to junior and less qualified persons overlooking the senior and experienced personnel," the prelate added.

Secretary BASL, Ajih Pathirana, Treasurer Upul Devapiry, Executive member Lal Wijenayake, MS. Chula Jayasuriya and Sarojini Pathirana were the other members of the BASL delegation.

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