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TNA warns defiant Ananthi

2014 May 02

By Sulochana Ramiah Mohan

TNA's Northern Provincial Councillor Ananthi Sasitharan has been warned by her Party not to call for an international probe on human rights issues during the last phase of the war, Ceylon Today learns.
This was on the basis that alleged civilian deaths during that period would 'disturb' future prospects of a practical solution to the national problem.
At a TNA organized meeting in Vavuniya on Wednesday, TNA leader R. Sampanthan had stressed that Provincial Council members should follow Party ethics and should not contradict their stance anywhere.
TNA MP M. Sumanthiran had... ...allegedly said that Ananthi had visited Geneva and had spoken without consulting the TNA. He has also said that the journey to find a practical solution to the Tamil problem had been tough and the TNA had managed to get the attention of the International community, leading up to the US resolution on Sri Lanka.
However, Ananthi had allegedly been causing disturbances to the process by calling for an international probe into alleged human rights abuse saying there was genocide. Thereby causing issues.
Sampanthan had warned members not to address the public without consulting the party and not to 'leak' any news to the media without their consent.
When Ceylon Today contacted Ananthi Sasitharan about the news, she said, that she was told not to speak about 'genocide' and about an international probe into human rights allegation.
"Today, the International body has heard everyone and that is how the US resolution has come to pass. Yet, asking me not to speak about it is absurd," Ananthi said.
She added that no one could stop her from speaking the truth and people did not elect her to lie through her teeth.
"I have come here as a woman who struggled, saw the last phase of the war and lost my husband even after he surrendered to the forces," she said.
"When the international community is revealing the truth about the last phase of the war and alleged war crimes, what is the point in not speak about it?" she questioned.
"If my service and policies are unwelcomed by the TNA, I can step down and continue to voice what I know about the Tamils of this country."
"No one can stop me from voicing about human rights violation, the things that had happened during the last phase of the war and how I lost my husband along with many other women who handed over them to the forces. I was not voted to keep my mouth shut. I came to speak and represent my people which I am part of," she alleged.
She reiterated that since she speaks the truth, many of the internationally recognized persons and ambassadors had met her.
She said she had visited Geneva twice after the US Resolution was passed. She was nominated by the Council on the first trip. She also said that her second visit to Geneva was at her own expense.
"I did not go to Geneva to sit on the back bench and return without expressing myself. If that is what they wanted, then they should not have nominated me to go there."
"I would perhaps not talk on Tamil politics outside the country if the trip is sponsored by the party in the future, however, if I go on my own and as the coordinator of Jaffna, Killinochchi and Mullaitivu Association of Families Searching Disappeared Relatives, I will speak about what I know," she stressed.


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