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Almost all UN agencies praise SL- MR

2014 May 02

While almost all of the UN agencies praise Sri Lanka’s achievements on all fronts since the war victory, those who brought human rights violation charges against Sri Lanka were conspicuous in their silence on those accomplishments, said President Mahinda Rajapaksa today.

Addressing the main UPFA May Day rally at Campbell Park, Borella, President Rajapaksa went on to say that the changes brought about in Sri Lanka since the launching of the Mahinda Chintana Policy framework some nine years ago, and following the eradication of separatist terrorism from the soil of Sri Lanka, were clearly visible to anybody and could be experienced by anyone.

“The working class and the war heroes have sacrificed much to save this country. They have also sacrificed much to save the victory they gained by putting and end to separatist terrorism and preventing capitalist forces making this country their playground. Therefore, the war heroes and the working class will never let anyone snatch their victory from them whatever the cost,’ he said.

The unity of Sri Lankans under one flag signifies the power and the patience of the working class and the war heroes. This solidarity will further brighten the motherland.  There is no power or individual that can reverse these accomplishments and take the country back to the darkness of hatred, disunity and division, he said.

May Day is celebrated by the UPFA including the constituent parties of the government though different political parties hold different views and policies on many issues. The importance of this bond between all constituent partners and their followers is that they would never betray the country under any circumstances and would protect the UPFA government at any cost.

The working class has won all its rights and privileges under SLFP governments or under the present government. This government had never resorted to undemocratic tactics to suppress the working class. They have the right to protest, conduct meetings and criticise the government. The government has never hit them with clubs of cinnamon. The government has let them not only criticise it but also let them sling mud at it. That is why the proletariat has remained with it at all times. The government has done its utmost to protect labour rights while commanding a two thirds majority in Parliament, he said.

“The Opposition has betrayed the country to the capitalists as never before. In the North, at Katunayaka, at Ratupaswala and in the south: Do they fight to close down factories for the love of the working class?” President Rajapaksa asked. He said that what the Opposition wanted was to sacrifice a few innocent lives and take it to the international community and say that the government is killing the people who fight for their rights.   

The Opposition is making an attempt to topple the government and threatens to bring the masses to the streets. The massive gathering in Colombo and at Campbell Park is a good reply to all the boasts of the Opposition, he said. (Sandun A. Jayasekera)

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