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Ban reiterates UN failure in Lanka

2014 Apr 09

UN Secretary General Ban ki-moon has once again reiterated the failure of the United Nations to prevent the death of thousands of people in Sri Lanka during the final stages of the war.

He noted this in a column appearing in The Hindu newspaper to mark the 20th anniversary of the  genocide in Rwanda which was commemorated yesterday (Monday).

“The end of the civil war in Sri Lanka in 2009 led to tens of thousands of deaths and a systemic failure by the United Nations to speak up and act,” the UN Secretary General said in the column.

Ban ki-moon noted that in conflict situations the world needs to overcome moral blind spots. He says UN Member States may have rival definitions of national interest, or be unwilling to take on new financial or military commitments. They may be daunted by complexity and risk, or concerned that discussions about an imminent crisis in other countries might one day focus on their own situations.

“But the results of this indifference and indecisiveness are clear: the bloodshed of innocents, shattered societies, and leaders left to utter the words “never again,” again and again — in itself, a sign of continuing failure,” the UN Chief said.

Ban also notes that the international community has endorsed the “responsibility to protect” and States can no longer claim that atrocity crimes are a domestic matter beyond the realm of international concern. (Colombo Gazette)

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