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'War crimes inspectors should not be allowed'

2014 Apr 07

UN human rights inspectors should not be permitted into the country, says Prof. Nalin de Silva, noting that allowing them access will give legitimacy to the reports they would be preparing in advance.

The visit by UNHRC chief Navi Pillai did not make any changes to her report and what the country should do is to go forward according to a national policy without falling into machinations by western forces, he says.

‘Silumina’ also quotes him as saying no internal or external force can block such a policy which has been endorsed overwhelmingly at the recent provincial Council polls.

With success through an indigenous mechanism, Britain will have to throw the report to be prepared by the UNHRC chief into the dustbin or into the River Thames.

He blames Britain for having created the Tamil problem during its colonial rule and for the present issue too.

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