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NFF doubts Indian motives behind UNHRC vote

2014 Apr 07

The National Freedom Front (NFF), a constituent party of the ruling UPFA government, today expressed doubts over India’s motives in abstaining at the UNHRC vote against Sri Lanka.

“We have to closely examine why India abstained,” Mohamed Muzammil, the NFF spokesman told reporters in Colombo.

“India not only voted in favour of the resolution in 2012 and 2013, they played a leading role in getting votes in favour of the US resolutions each year,” Muzammil stressed.

“This year they abstained. We think that they now want to force Sri Lanka to implement the thirteenth amendment.”

Despite the concerns of his nationalist ally, President Rajapaksa, buoyed by India’s decision, ordered the immediate release of all Indian fishermen held in Sri Lankan custody for alleged poaching, PTI reported.

India the architect of the 1987 Indo-Lanka Peace Accord between the then Prime Minister Rajiv Gandhi and President Jayawardene of Sri Lanka have been consistently advocating the thirteenth amendment as the solution to the demand of Tamil self determination.

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