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Time Frame For Probe Likely

2014 Mar 24

By Camelia Nathaniel

The final text of the US resolution on Sri Lanka is expected to include at least one more change before it is taken up for a vote at the Human Rights Council in Geneva this week.

TNA parliamentarian M A Sumanthiran told The Sunday Leader that the most likely change to be included is a time frame by when Sri Lanka needs to complete investigations into alleged human rights violations committed during the final phase of the war.

“I do not think there will be any major changes from the draft resolution. The second amended draft, which is currently sort of open ended, will probably outline a time frame for investigations to be completed,” he said.

With regard to the concerns raised by Muslims in the country that their issues have not been addressed by any party, he said that the attacks on the religious minorities have been looked into and taken into consideration and, in one paragraph, it states that one of the three things that needs to be done is to address the current violations.

Asked if the TNA expected the second draft to be stronger than the first, which the TNA was reported to have said was rather watered down, he said, “We never said it was watered down, but what we wanted was for an international investigation to be carried out. We said that we would work to tighten the language and make it stronger, and that is what we have done. We feel that the second draft is stronger than the first, and we are satisfied.”

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