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NPC to bar military from school and civil events

2014 Mar 19

By Niranjala Ariyawansha
The Northern Provincial Council (NPC) is planning to table a resolution barring security forces personnel from participating in school and civil functions, which come under the purview of the NPC.
Northern Province Education Minister T. Kurukularasa said, "The resolution is still being processed and prepared and is going to be tabled soon."
As there is no love lost between the two parties, this move would only serve to further widen the existing rift between the security forces and the newly-elected Northern Provincial Council. This also comes at a time when, according to the military, the numbers deployed have been strategically decreased and private lands, after decades of strife, are, since 2013, being given back to their original and rightful owners.
Kurukularasa defended the proposed resolution, saying that the security forces have no role in the educational aspects and the civil society in the North.
"But, they intervene in such affairs despite being unwelcome. They keep going into schools and this is not conducive for learning. School children do get scared when they see security personnel in their uniforms attending school functions," he said, adding, "schools are schools. They are governed by the Ministry of Education and the Central Government. If the law is broken in a school, the Police are there to intervene."
Neither NPC Chairman C.V.K. Sivagnanam nor Tamil National Alliance Spokesperson, Suresh Premachandran were not available for a comment.

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