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UN resolution and war crimes in Sri Lanka

2014 Mar 19

I have been closely monitoring the recent developments in connection with the UN resolution which has been discussed at the highest level of the international arena.
As an officer, who had first hand information and wealth of experience in the conflict zones in this country for many years, I wonder whether the UN resolution, by trying to highlight the last stages of the conflict in the North and to accuse the Sri Lankan forces for human rights violation is justifiable.

I, as Senior DIG Northern Province at that time, had a close view of all incidents during this period and when you define human rights it is “Rights held to be common to all” and if that is the definition, who violated the rights of the people. How come people in Kilinochchi, Mulaithivu and other surrounding areas end up in Nandikadal, Mullewaikkal areas.

The number of buses, lorries, tractors, other vehicles, motorcycles and peddle cycles were abandoned in this area in large number.
I as a Police Officer when questioned the surrenderees and people who escaped from the LTTE custody, they confirmed that, they were forced to leave their homes and proceed to Nandikadal area and they had to abandon their vehicles and join the LTTE members as per their instructions.

These were clear evidence of pure abduction, under the Penal Code Section 353 of Sri Lanka, it is an offence that you can be guilty of abduction.
And this is a very important factor as far as the human rights are concerned.
It’s a known fact that LTTE is responsible and they used them as human shields.

When you define human shield (placed in the line of fire in order to discourage attack) there again LTTE was responsible for this situation and its leadership is the one that used this human shield to protect their leaders.
Another important aspect of this proposed resolution, war crimes, what are war crimes? (crimes violating the international laws of war). First and foremost, there was no war. War is defined as armed hostilities between nations. What we faced was only a conflict within Sri Lanka, where we faced a disease, to which political grievances, infected with a ideological sanction for violence.
Whatever the grievances violence is not the answer.

There was no war and it was only a conflict within Sri Lanka, where group of people took up arms and used violence as a tool, in order to achieve their demands.
By this time, SF were experienced enough with wealth of knowledge in countering terrorism and fully aware of the human factor. All operations were precise and planned meticulously as they knew that is the only way to succeed in countering terrorism.

When you consider the basics of human rights violations, war, war crime, etc. none of these allegations can be brought against the Government of Sri Lanka and its forces because all these situations were created by the terrorist who purely used violence contradicting all norms of human rights to achieve their goal. I strongly believe the proposed resolution does not carry any weight if they try to identify what happened in Sri Lanka as war crimes acts, the Sri Lankan government troops never faced a war situation in the first place and it was only a conflict within the country involving its own people and all these crimes, situations were created and committed by Prabhakaran and his movement, the sole aim of the Government and the Forces was to safeguard the human lives of the people in this country. I as an officer who served over three decades in the conflict zone was fully aware of the suffering of the people. Our main ambition was to bring peace to these unfortunate people and give them hope, that they have a future. So, it is up to the international community to look into our problem from a practical angle and not to be led by extremist groups.

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