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Lanka slams new C4 war video

2014 Mar 10

Sri Lanka has hit out at a new controversial video aired by the British television channel, Channel 4 (C4), which allegedly shows soldiers engaging in war crimes.

The Sri Lankan High Commission in London has told Channel 4 that the latest attempt to denigrate Sri Lanka is a continuation of the pernicious campaign by the TV station that has already been exposed in the book titled Corrupted Journalism Channel 4 and Sri Lanka.

“Your allegations are such unmitigated and unsubstantiated rubbish that you make even gutter journalism appear to be Pulitzer Prize-winning professionalism. What makes your journalism doubly dubious and obnoxiously unbalanced is that you expect us to comment on footage which, in fairness, we have not even been given the opportunity of seeing or hearing. It is a pity that your continuing propagandist vendetta against Sri Lanka only continues to undermine the process of reconciliation and healing that we have undertaken after a near three-decade long terrorist war. It is certainly not going to help those in Sri Lanka you pretend you are helping but who only wish to live in peace without external meddling and posturing. Your crude journalism exposes both Callum and your calumny,” Channel 4 quoted the Sri Lankan High Commission as saying.

Callum Macrae, the producer of the new video, says  there is no confirmation as to when exactly the new video was filmed – but it was at some point in the last two or three years of the war. It was filmed by a soldier on a mobile phone and its shows Sinhala-speaking soldiers – their uniforms suggest they may be special forces – who are laughing and cheering, as they celebrate the deaths of the Tiger fighters.

He says the images were examined by the leading forensic pathologist Dr Richard Shepherd and that he concluded that the injuries shown are genuine and that this footage was not faked, but he also expressed surprise that the bodies showed few signs of the kind of battlefield injuries you might expect if this was the aftermath of a battle or ambush.

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