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SL Ambassador thanks U.S. Senators who introduced resolution expressing support

2014 Mar 08

Sri Lankan Ambassador to USA,  Jaliya Wickramasuriya has thanked the eleven U.S. Senators who introduced Senate Resolution 364 recognising Sri Lanka’s success in restoration of democracy, rebuilding and reconciliation after the dawn of peace since 2009.

Eleven senior members of the United States Senate introduced a bipartisan Senate Resolution on February 27 expressing support for Sri Lanka’s internal reconciliation process and the significant overall progress the country has made since the end of the war.

The resolution calls on US President Barack Obama to adopt balanced and comprehensive policy towards Sri Lanka.

In a letter addressed to the senators, Ambassador Jaliya Wickramasuriya called the resolution a very positive gesture of goodwill and understanding towards Sri Lanka.

He underscored the facts enumerated in the resolution such as the continued peace in the entire country, restoration of democracy and the concrete steps taken towards reconciliation that represent the true situation in Sri Lanka.

The Ambassador is also of the view that adopting such a positive resolution on Sri Lanka by US Senators would certainly be seen in Sri Lanka as moral encouragement to continue the process of healing and reconciliation.

The Sri Lankan Ambassador to USA also thanked all Sri Lankan-Americans who have been tirelessly working to keep their legislators informed about the true story on Sri L

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