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Human Rights now a political tool

2014 Mar 01

The Government says human rights is now being used as a political tool and was no longer based on moral or ethical issues.

External Affairs Minister, Professor G.L Peiris said that human rights was also being used selectively and there was a need for uniformity in its application; with some countries left alone and other countries, such as Sri Lanka  being singled out and hounded, disproportionately.

The External Affairs Ministry quoted the Minister as saying that Sri Lanka, which drew from a great continuum and heritage in the region, did not subscribe to a vindictive justice that was pushed by some.

He noted that despite the quests of a few to target Sri Lanka, other countries stood behind Sri Lanka to have its own national solutions to its specific challenges and circumstances and not impose external solutions.

The Minister urged the need for nations to be treated equally and fairly in the international arena adding that the eradication of terrorism in Sri Lanka has paved for not only Sri Lanka’s development and progress, but that of the region.

He said that Sri Lanka looked forward to engage its friends and the international community, with mutual respect and reciprocity and that after enduring the difficult legacy of the past, as a nation, could collectively face any challenge ahead.

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