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Don't allow muslimization of legal field “ JHU

2014 Feb 24

 The accusation has come in a statement issued by JHU media secretary Nishantha Sri Warnasinghe, who is contesting at the western provincial council polls.

According to him, there is a grave imbalance in granting posts in the Justice Ministry, even in justices of the peace postings, admissions to the Law College and all other matters coming under the ministry.

The statement asks the government to pay its attention to giving a very sensitive subject as this to an extremist politician.

Injustice to Sinhala students

With regard to admissions to Law College, the JHU says that after admitting 551 students last year to rectify irregularities in the admission process in that particular year, only 177 students were admitted this year.

Noting that a vast majority of the students being admitted to Law College annually are Sinhalese, the statement says the curtailment of admissions has done a grave injustice to Sinhala students.

The only solution is to admit at least 288 students, the lowest average number of admissions made since 1981, the JHU adds.

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