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Russia opposes moves to use HR issues to interfere in SL's affairs

2014 Feb 17

Human rights issues—although a legitimate global concern—must not be used by the international community to interfere in the internal affairs of a country or as a tool of force, a high ranking Russian official today said, while on a visit to Sri Lanka.

Director of the Department for Humanitarian Cooperation and Human Rights of the Russian Foreign Ministry Mr. Anatoly Viktorov today said Russia rejected the approach taken by some countries to push for sanctions against countries they consider to be violating human rights.

“Those sanctions will only increase the suffering of people and contribute to aggravating their situation,” Mr. Viktorov said while addressing the media in Colombo upon concluding his visit here.

Mr. Viktorov said he was impressed by the steps taken by Sri Lanka to overcome the aftermath of the conflict.

He said Russia agreed that the work of the UN in promoting and protection human rights must be done in accordance with international law.

“No violation of the UN Charter or attempt to undermine norms and principles of the international law may be justified by any cause. Unfortunately the UN human rights machinery experiences a number of problems like the lack of trust. To restore this it is necessary to introduce the principle of cooperation in the work of the UN human rights dimension. Russia and Sri Lanka continue working on it jointly”, he said.

Mr. Viktorov said Russia would support only those resolutions in the Human Rights Council and General Assembly which enjoy the support and consent of the country concerned. “No country is free of human rights violations and therefore we reject the practice of naming and shaming which actually discredits human rights causes.”(Ajith Siriwardana)

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