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england wants topple government

2014 Feb 12

Prof. Nalin de Silva says UK wants to topple Rajapaksa government

A media briefing was convened by the Patriotic Bikkhu Front on Tuesday.  Prof. Nalin de Silva expressed these views at the media briefing

“Do not think that England’s David Cameron is working against us to obtain a few votes from the little Tamil community in London. What England mainly wants is to topple the current government of  Mahinda Rajapaksa,” he said.

“They are not only trying to oust Mahinda Rajapaksa; they want to send him to the electric chair. Ranil has said that he is prepared to face it. What happens if he faces it ? The foreigners will deactivate the electricity. What has happened today is that this country does not have an opposition. There are no leaders in the opposition either.”

“The opposition of this country is England’s conservative Party and the Labor Party. And the leader of this country’s opposition is David Cameron,” De Silva said.

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