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Nisha briefs Geneva envoys

2014 Feb 08

US Assistant Secretary of State for South and Central Asia, Nisha Biswal met Ambassadors and High Commissioners based in Geneva and discussed the Sri Lankan human rights issue.

Biswal said that she had a good day of consultations in Geneva yesterday on Sri Lanka, a day after she had similar discussions in Britain.

In Britain Biswal had talks on the proposed resolution on Sri Lanka to be submitted at the UN Human Rights Council in Geneva next month.

Biswal, met the British Minister of State at the UK Foreign Office Hugo Swire in London to discuss the issue.

The US official flew to London from Sri Lanka where she had meetings with the Government and the opposition on the human rights issue and from London she flew to Geneva for more talks with diplomats from several countries, including India, on the situation on Sri Lanka.

In a statement on Sunday, the Government said that it was evident from Biswal’s visit to Sri Lanka and that which preceded from the US, as well as “intrusive behavior” by other representatives of that country, that there is a desire to believe the worst of Sri Lanka and seek to build on that premise to justify punitive action against the country.

The Government said that as a sovereign state and one of Asia’s oldest democracies, Sri Lanka does not wish to be dictated to by others in the international community in the conduct of its internal affairs.

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