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Call for removal of Northern army camps unnecessary: NFF

2014 Jan 07

National Freedom Front (NFF) member Piyasiri Wijenayake said the push to remove army camps in the Northern Province by its Chief Minister, when he was receiving mail about the revival of the LTTE, was a redundant move.   

Wijenayake further warned the Northern Province Chief Minister C.V. Wigneswarana that continuously bringing the issue to light ahead of the United Nations Human Rights session in Geneva, would only fulfill the needs of the Diaspora community and turn the people of the province against him.

“The Chief Minister went to Jaffna from Colombo and he did not even feel the war. It was the people in the North that lived through it. The Chief Minister should do the job he was elected for and not look into matters that do not concern him,” he said.

Security camps, Wijenayake said, were a need for national security and a right of the people in the North. “It was during the war and because of the LTTE that the number of army camps in the North are increased. It was done for the protection of the people and they are entitled to it,” Wijenayake said.   

The NFF member further said the change in the number of security personnel posted in a camp did not come under the purview of the Chief Minister. “He is not the one feeding the army, it is the general public, and they are entitled to security that they are provided with,” he said.

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