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SL police do not have authority to arrest our own Khans, says Sajith

2013 Dec 24

UNP parliamentarian Sajith Premadasa attended an event in the Lunugamvehera area on Sunday.Speaking at the event Sajith Premadasa stated, “ Sri Lanka and Pakistan have launched a joint investigation to capture the drug kingpin who supplies drugs to the world and to Sri Lanka. Who are they trying to capture, his name is Sardhan Khan.Look at this joke, the Sri Lankan police and the Pakistani police are teaming up to capture the world’s biggest drug kingpin. However, the Sri Lanka police do not have the authority to arrest our own Sri Lankan Khan’s. This Sri Lankan khan is there right in front of us, however orders have been issued not to capture him. This is the miracle of drugs in our country.”The event was held to grant loans under the Janasuwaya women’s loan scheme to one hundred  women

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