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US must pay for loss says Vasu

2013 Dec 06

Government Minister Vasudeva Nanayakara says the US Government must pay Sri Lanka for the losses the Sri Lankan Government is suffering as a result of the US sanctions imposed on Iran.

Speaking in Parliament today, the Minister said that Sri Lanka could have spent less on oil if crude oil was purchased from Iran and then refined in Sri Lanka since Sri Lankan refineries are built for Iranian oil.

However as a result of the US sanctions the Government is compelled to seek refined oil from elsewhere at a higher cost and not cheaper crude oil from Iran.

“America must pay us that extra cost taking into consideration the negative impact their sanctions have on a developing country,” he said.

He said the US sanctions resulted in higher fuel prices and also a damaging effect on Sri Lanka’s refineries.

The Minister also said that the Ceylon Petroleum Corporation (CPC) also suffered losses as a result of delays to receive payments from companies that owe CPC for fuel.

However he said that loss has now reduced as measures have been taken to recover that money. (Colombo Gazette)






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