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UK will pursue international inquiry on Lankan war crime

2013 Dec 06

The United Kingdom will pursue an international inquiry into the alleged war crimes by Sri Lankan troops during the final stages if war if Sri Lanka fails to set up its own inquiry.

The Secretary of State for Foreign and Commonwealth Affairs, William Hague made this remark in response to a question raised in the UK's House of Commons Tuesday.

"We will pursue this at the Human Rights Council in March. If the Sri Lankan Government have not set up an inquiry of their own by then-so far, they have refused to do so-we would favor an international inquiry that is independent, credible and thorough," Hague said.

He said the UK will discuss with other countries in the UN Human Rights Council how best to do that and what it will propose to do in detail.

Speaking of UK's declaration on the preventing sexual violence, the Secretary of State said Sri Lanka has not yet signed the declaration.

When asked what steps UK would take to get Sri Lanka to sign the declaration, Hague said Sri Lanka is one of the hardest countries to convince about the initiative since, one of the provisions of the declaration is that there will be no amnesty in peace agreements for crimes of sexual violence and that there will be real accountability for what happened in the past.

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