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Media conman behind UNP Channel 4 fiasco

2013 Dec 06

A purported media adviser of a private television channel has embarked on a campaign with the aid of two daily newspapers and one weekend newspaper to cultivate the image of Karu Jayasuriya and to engage in a slander campaign against politicians and media institutions that are critical of Jayasuriya.



This self-styled media adviser had attempted to portray Jayasuriya as playing an important role from behind the curtains since his return to the UNP. The said individual is also believed to be providing information to a number of banned local websites and has utilized those websites to conduct a character assassination campaign of several parliamentarians.



He has also played a major role in inviting the Channel 4 crew to the Siri Kotha. We will soon be exposing how this individual is acting in cahoots with the extremist sections of the Tamil Diaspora and with the support of certain influential diplomatic quarters, is conspiring against the country.

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