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Military presence is the main problem-CM to UN envoy

2013 Dec 04

The biggest problem faced by the Northern Province residents was the presence of the army, which was pivotal in creating other problems, Northern Province Chief Minister C. V. Wigneswaran had told the visiting UN Special Rapporteur Dr. Chaloka Beyani.
The UN Special Envoy, who visited Jaffna today had meetings with the Northern Province Governor Major General (Rtd) G. A. Chandrasiri at his residence, Jaffna Government Agent Sundaram Arumainayagam at his office and the Northern Province Chief Minister C. V. Wigneswaran at his residence.
 “I informed the envoy that in Valikamam North, more than 6000 acres of land had been appropriated by the military and I gave details of land the acreage by them in the Kilinochchi District as well.
“On the basis of their present activities, they plan to stay in the North for a further hundred years, which really means that they plan to bring in people from the South and resettle them along with the army families.
“Similar to what they did in the East, they are trying to colonise the North as well, which cannot be stopped by us alone, but should be brought to the notice of International Community and take steps accordingly.
“Livelihood of residents of the North had been seriously affected and they take loans for their day to day living. All avenues of employment had been taken over by the army, who carry out work in all spheres including agriculture, fisheries and trade, denying opportunities to the people,” he said.
“I explained to the envoy that the people were facing severe difficulties as a result,” he said. (Sumithi Thangrasa and S. K. Prasath)

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