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Minister on lost data book and new laws to hand over elephants to persons

2013 Dec 04

In a country where there aren’t people who look after a dog or a donkey there are a few who can afford to look-after an elephant.

Minister of Wildlife Conservation, Gamini Vijith Wijayamuni says that the lost elephant register was not yet found.

 Speaking at a media briefing convened on Tuesday, the minister noted that laws with regard to handing over over elephants legally to caretakers are being compiled.

 “The elephant data book was not yet found. Racketeers capture elephants and sell them for large amounts sometimes for over ten million. In order to put an end to this I have appointed an investigation committee. If there are people who are willing to look after an elephant we have formulated laws to hand over elephants to such persons. These laws will be presented to Parliament. We have taken legal measures to fulfill this social requirement.”

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