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Case of abuse of ten-year-old at Etabagaskada Home in court

2013 Dec 04

In open court, Vavuniya Chief Magistrate and Additional District Judge, V. Ramakamalan questioned as to whether police officers attached to the National Child Protection Authority or NCPA are executing their duties with a proper understanding of the intentions of the National Child Protection Act.

The judge made this remark when a police officer attached to the NCPA made further submissions to court on Tuesday in the case pertaining to the cruel treatment meted out to 4 boys who were interred at the Etabagaskada Children’s Home in Vavuniya.

The monk who functioned as the warden of the children’s home in question and an employees of the children’s home who were arrested on  November  6 and 26 respectively, were produced in court again on Tuesday.

On  November 19, the NCPA informed court that further investigations were being conducted to apprehend two more suspects in connection with the cruel treatment meted out to the four boys interred at the home.

The employee of the Children’s home was arrested seven days later on November 26.

When the NCPA informed court on Tuesday that they had concluded further investigations, the judge questioned as to how this could be possible when they had only arrested one of two suspects.

The NCPA intervened in the case of the Etabagaskada Children’s Home, after a complaint was lodged regarding the continuous sexual abuse that a ten-year-old boy who had been interred at the house was subject to.

When the NCPA took over custody of this child on  October  11,  the Judicial Medical Officer of Vavuniya had affirmed that not only had this child been abused over an extended period, but he had also sustained injuries to his genitalia.

This was later confirmed by another Judicial Medical Officer.

When the judge questioned as to why no submissions had been made to court as yet regarding the case of this ten-year-old boy, the Police Officer representing the NCPA said that the Authority had sought the advise of the Attorney General in this matter.

At this instance the judge questioned as to whether the NCPA has sought the advise of the Attorney General in past cases of a similar nature. The judge also ordered the court registrar to bring to the attention of the President of the NCPA, the procedure being followed by the Police Officers involved in this case.

The Vavuniya Probation and Childcare office presented a report to court on Tuesday on detailing the 18 year history of the Etabagaskada Childrens Home.

The Probation Office also informed court on Tuesday that they had referred to the police, four children who had come before them claiming to have been subject to cruel treatment and abuse while interred at this home.

Considering the submissions made, the magistrate ordered that the suspect monk and children’s home employee be further remanded until December 17

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