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Sri Lanka begins island wide census on dead and missing during war

2013 Nov 28

Sri Lanka's Department of Census and Statistics will begin an island wide census today to assess the human and property damages occurred during nearly three-decade long civil war conflict.

In accordance with one of the recommendations being made in the LLRC report, the Department of Census and Statistics will commence a nationwide census today to ascertain details of people injured, disabled, and missing since 1983 up to May 2009, the government announced.

The islandwide census will collect detailed information on the deaths, missing persons, injured and/or disabled persons, and damages to the property.

The Census will be completed by 20th December and the report will be made available by March next year.

The census will be conducted jointly by the Ministry of Public Administration and Home Affairs and the Department of Census and Statistics.

According to the Director General of the Department, D.C.A. Gunawardena, the survey would be carried out in 14,022 Grama Niladhari Divisions, island wide, and 16,000 officials would be deployed to collect information.

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