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British P.M's statement at CHOGM must be protested at state level - Vasu

2013 Nov 21

Minister of National Languages and Social Integration Vasudeva Nanayakkara said that the British Prime Minister’s statement at the CHOGM meeting held in Colombo should be condemned at state level.

The minister said that the complaint had to be presented in a proper manner to the Secretary General of the Commonwealth and to the British Foreign Secretary. Such a complaint had become essential due to the reason that there is already an agreement among members of the Commonwealth not to indulge in open criticism of internal matters of member countries.

The kind of an ultimatum given by the British Prime Minister at the CHOGM conference held in Colombo, that an international investigation should be conducted, unless the Sri Lankan government held a suitable and independent investigation on the allegations leveled against it regarding war crimes, is preposterous, he said. While condemning the statement by the British Prime Minister he points out that any leniency shown and the absence of such a protest would create a bad precedent.

Therefore, he said, the irresponsible statement by the British Prime Minister could never be treated lightly and asked the government to give it its urgent attention.

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