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Legal action against walkers on rail tracks

2013 Nov 21

Sri Lanka Railways (SLR) Operations Superintendent L.A.M. Ratnayake said the law would be strictly implemented on those walk along the railtracks.

“The Director General of Railways has instructed the Railway Protection Services (RPS) to arrest those walking along the rail tracks as it is illegal to do so. Legal action will be taken against those who are found walking along the rail tracks,” he said.

Mr. Ratnayake said that this measure was taken because of the increasing numberkilled and injured while walking along the tracks.

“Several people have been killed or injuredin train accidents that occur while walking on rail tracks. At least 12 deaths are reported for a week,” he said.
Mr.Ratnayake said the RPS had recentlyarrested a number of people who were walking along the tracks.

He saidthe main reason for accidents that occurwhile walking along rail tracks was carelessness.

“Walking while using mobile phones is a major cause for this kind of accident,” he said. (Tex and video bySanath Desmond)

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