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Over 1500 Easterners facilitated in 3 days through CHR's mobile identification program

2013 Nov 13

Mobile clinics to provide identification documents to 45 000 residents of the Eastern Province, jointly carried out by Centre for Human Rights (CHR,) Department for Registration of Persons (DRP) and Campaign for Free and fair Elections (CaFFE,) have facilitated over 1500 in three days.

The programme will be conducted basing seven Divisional Secretariats in Batticaloa District. The initiative commenced on November 11 at Vakarei  Divisional Secretariat and has conducted five clinics at Kanukkeni Cultural Hall, Mankeni Vidyalaya, Vakarei President's College, Panichchankeni Tamil Vidyalaya and Palachchenei Vidyalaya.

The service is provided free of charge and the first stage of the initiative will go on till November 15. The second stage will commence on November 26.

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