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Jaffna protest organizers receive death threats

2013 Nov 12

By Sulochana Ramiah Mohan



Chairman of the Valikamam North Pradeshiya Sabha, Somasundaram Sugirthan, and the Vice President of the Valikamam North Resettlement Committee, Shanmugalingam Sujeevan, lodged a complaint with the Chunnakam Police, stating they received threats via the telephone as well as SMS, asking them to stop the protest campaign they plan to hold during the Brithish Prime Minister's visit.



To compound the situation, Sugirathan and Sujeevan had found two heads of cows dropped in the garden of their houses on Sunday (10) night. Speaking on the issue, Sugirthan said he received a telephone call, ordering him not to go ahead with the proposed protest, and had been threatened that both he and Sujeevan would be 'headless corpses' if they defied the order. "Thereafter, on Sunday night, someone or some persons had dropped the two heads of cows at our premises, presumably to warn us against the dire consequences if we do not abide by the order. It meant that we will also be headless," he said.



He went on to say that they had complained to the police and had also given the mobile number from which threatening calls had originated.

"The police have promised to investigate the matter," Sugirthan further said.



A massive five-day protest by nearly 30,000 people, to request the government to resettle them in the lands taken over by the State, is reportedly set to take place at Valikamam North, Jaffna, commencing 12 November (today) and expected to continue up to 16 November at the Kandasamy Kovil premises, sources said.



Meanwhile, the pusari at the Kandasamy Kovil had also received an anonymous telephone call, threatening him with retaliation should he permit the protest to be staged at the kovil premises, Sugirthan added.

However, Sugirthan said: "The protest would go ahead as planned, and cannot be called off as we have done the groundwork, having obtained police clearance to hold the protest."



The five-day protest is scheduled to commence at 8.00 a.m. and conclude at 5.00 p.m. on all five days, Sugirthan said.

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