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Australian Senator and New Zealand MP breached visa conditions, Sri Lanka says

2013 Nov 12

Sri Lanka's Ministry of External Affairs said the Sri Lankan immigration authorities took proper action regarding the detention of Australian Green Party Senator Lee Rhiannon and New Zealand MP Jan Logie for visa violations.

The Ministry in a statement said Senator Rhiannon and MP Logie who were in Sri Lanka on tourist visas, were questioned by the authorities for breaching the conditions of their visas.

According to the Ministry, the visas issued for the two legislators were bona-fide tourists visas issued for the sole purpose of engaging in tourism.

However, the Senator and MP were found attempting to hold a press conference which is in violation of their tourist visas and the authorities have taken appropriate action after questioning them.

Senator Rhiannon said she along with MP Logie was in Sri Lanka on a fact finding mission on human right issues and she has been granted a tourist visa in the 'Special Project' category by the Sri Lankan consulate in Australia.

The two legislators were questioned Sunday by the Sri Lankan immigration authorities and allowed to depart.

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