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Govt. alarmed over Human Rights Fest

2013 Nov 12

If the government does not solve issues of the public, it should at least accept the public’s right to talk of their issues, UNP General Secretary Tissa Attanayake says.He was responding to a query raised by ‘Sri Lanka Mirror’ on the UNP’s response of an organization pasting posters against the Human Rights Festival that will be held by the Samagi Balawegaya at the Sirikotha HQ on Nov. 13 - 14.

‘Sri Lanka Mirror’ yesterday (11) reported that an organization named Desha Hithaishi Peramuna had pasted these posters.

Speaking further, the UNP General Secretary said that the fourth principle of the Commonwealth Charter is on ‘Tolerance, respect and understanding’ and that the 16 point charter also accepts the role of civil society to promote and support Commonwealth values and principles, including the freedom of association and peaceful assembly, and in achieving development goals.

However, the conduct of the Rajapaksa regime (which is looking forward towards the Commonwealth Chair post), against the Human Rights Festival of the Samagi Balawegaya, makes it clear that they do not care about the core values of the Commonwealth Charter.

‘Complying with a request we received, we provided the Sirikotha premises to hold the event, which will urge the government to implement the recommendations of the Les

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