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Irrigation Minister poses pertinent questions to corporate leaders

2013 Nov 07

Irrigation and Water Resources Management Minister Tuesday while congratulating ‘Business Today’s’ Top Twenty Five award winners asked them some pertinent questions about their Corporate Social Responsibility in order to prevent them from being alienated from society.

Nimal Siripala de Silva said Corporate leaders often spoke about CSR responsibility, but he asked how sincerely they really paid attention to all those in their work force who had labored long hours to ensure that the companies got those awards.

He said top business people who were among the top 20 per cent of the population consumed Rs 4200 million, but the rest consumed only Rs. 320 million. "This wide disparity has to be reduced," De Silva insisted.

"When I speak to my constituents in Bandarawela, for example, they tell me it is only the big business people who can get ahead and they have been ignored’, the Minister said noting that medium and small scale business entrepreneurs were usually discouraged from doing what they set out to do by the big players.

He urged them to stretch their CSR from the narrow confines to accommodate those locked out.

The Irrigation Minister said the government had provided all necessary infrastructure the businesses needed like roads, water and sanitation and there were no more conflicts on which to lay blame.

 "The era of young people saying ‘the rich should be damned’ is gone. We want you. We will not damn you. We need your financial input. Else I will not be voted in again. (Laughter) I should be able to tell them you will help them", he said.De Silva said that what the government wanted from them was their expertise. "Share what you know with the rest of us. This is what will perhaps bring you more satisfaction than awards", he said.

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