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Killing Is Not The Solution: Hakeem

2013 Oct 21

The government says the simple approach of killing individuals involved in terrorism, without addressing the key underlying factors will only create more willing volunteers for the terrorist cause.

Justice Minister Rauff Hakeem said that regional bodies have begun to play an important role in addressing the growing problem of transnational organised crime and terrorism which threaten the international order.

He said that in particular, piracy, drug trafficking and human smuggling have become associated with terrorism and violent crime.
“International organized crime is now a major funding source of terrorism and is becoming a critical economic and social destabilizing factor. Long-term solutions to transnational organised crime, terrorism and piracy will need to focus on the delivery of basic services by justice and security institutions, not forgetting relevant economic and social factors. The simple approach of killing individuals, without addressing the key underlying factors will only create more willing volunteers for the terrorist cause,” the Minister said.

He said this while addressing the General Assembly Sixth Committee, the External Affairs Ministry said.

The Minister was quoted as saying that Sri Lanka has emerged from a 27-year long conflict with a terrorist group that remains proscribed in almost every democracy in the world and which challenged Sri Lanka’s treasured democratic institutions and legal framework.

“The terrorist challenge was first and foremost a challenge to our democracy and the rule of law. My country takes the view that an essential pre-requisite to strengthening the rule of law is the enhancement of the supporting institutional mechanisms. Countries emerging from decades of conflict, must be given the much needed time and space to engage in a restorative process,” he said.

The Minister said that ideas of the rule of law cannot be enforced from the outside or confirm to an external prescription that ignores domestic realities. He said countries like Sri Lanka needed support to strengthen their domestic institutions. “Judgementative international interventions are counterproductive,” the Minister said.

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