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Justice Minister to receive final draft of Prisons Bill to improve standards of Sri Lanka prisons

2013 Oct 21

Justice Minister of Sri Lanka Rauf Hakeem is expected to receive the final draft of the Prisons Bill that would improve the standards of the prisons in the country.

A committee headed by Justice Hector Yapa has formulated the final draft of the Bill, which is to be handed over to Minister Hakeem this week.

The new legislation once passed in parliament will replace the existing Prisons Ordinance.

The new legislation would also streamline the legislative and administrative action related to the administration in prisons in accordance with accepted international norms and practices.

The committee had reportedly finalized the draft report after taking into consideration Sri Lanka's international obligations such as the Standard Minimum rules for the treatment of prisoners (SMRTP) adopted by the United Nations, the conventions adopted by the International Labour Organization and ratified by Sri Lanka and other international principles related to prisoners and prisons administration.

Reports and findings of previous committees have also helped the committee prepare the final draft.

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