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Collecting of data for new NIC begins Nov. 01

2013 Oct 15

By Franklin R. Satyapalan

 The Registration of Persons Department (ROPD) has commenced a programme to educate Grama Niladharis, in the 14,020 divisions of the country, to collect data to set up a data base for the issuance of Electronic National Identity Cards (E-NICs), Commissioner (Operations and IT) S. L. Nazeer said yesterday.

Nazeer said that the new Electronic NIC would contain security features used globally by the International Civil Aviation Organization (ICAO) such as blood group, fingerprints, photo and bio–data to curb e tampering, forging and counterfeiting.

Grama Niladharis would be required to visit houses commencing from the Nov. 01 to collect fingerprints, photographs and all other personal bio-data of every citizen over the 15 years of age, the Commissioner said.

He said that those educational workshops were being held on a district basis by Commissioner General (CG) of Registration of Persons E. N. S. Sarath Kumara. A workshop for Grama Niladharis (GNs) in the Moneragala District was held last week. It was followed by a workshop in the Kandy District last Friday.

The NIC cards issued to those between 15 and 20 age group would be valid for 10 years for those between 25 to 30 year old would be valid for 15 years and the NIC issued to those over 45 years of age would have no expiry date, said the Commissioner (Operations and IT).

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