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Caught selling rotten apples

2013 Oct 15

by Premalal Wijeratne



Police took into custody 22 fruit and vegetable vendors from Pettah yesterday (14), for selling rotten apples, grapes and vegetables to customers.



The traders had made neat packs of the fruits and vegetables, which customers who are in a rush to get to their homes after work, purchase without being aware that the produce they have bought are partly rotting.



In a three-hour raid conducted, the police deploying 10 teams nabbed the traders who had the packs of fruits and vegetables ready for sale. Police investigations also revealed that some traders make up packs containing both fresh fruits and rotting fruits, separately. When a customer purchases a pack of the fresh produce, the trader surreptitiously replaces the pack with one containing the rotting fruit which is handed over to the customer.



Police as well as Public Health Inspectors had also detected rotting leaves of certain vegetables that some of the vendors had kept for sale. Police sources said the errant traders will be prosecuted for selling food items not fit for human consumption under Sections 262, 263 and 266 of the Penal Code.



The raid was led by the OIC of the Colombo (Central) Crime Investigation Unit, Dhammika Senaratna.

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