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Millionaire businessman released by abductors

2013 Oct 10

The millionaire businessman from Kadawatha who was abducted on Tuesday (8), while returning from a casino in Colombo, had been released in Kaduwela. He told the police after his release that he was blindfolded, detained and questioned about dealing in narcotics, and that he was also subjected to assault.



Police Media Spokesman, Ajith Rohana, said the businessman who was abducted two days ago at midnight, was released at Kaduwela. The businessman had been on his way home from the club on D.R. Wijewardena Mawatha, Colombo 10, accompanied by his security officer when two individuals attired in police uniform, had stopped his vehicle, and a van had arrived at the spot.



As the duo were trying to force him into the van, he had managed to run some distance away when the abductors had taken his licensed revolver from his vehicle and had thrown it away the businessman revealed to the police .



The abductors who had worn eye masks, had caught up with the businessman, and had made him and his security officer face the rear of the van, he further revealed to the Maradana Police, yesterday.



The businessman and his security officer who had been released in Kaduwela, had been warned by the abductors that they should not remove the blindfold for half-an-hour, a senior police officer involved in the investigations, said.


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