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Bus strike on 163,155 route

2013 Oct 01

Private buses on route numbers 163 (Dehiwela-Videsha Seva, Battaramulla) and 155 (Zoysapura-Mattakkuliya) have refused to operate from Tuesday (Oct 1) as they have gone on strike indefinitely, Lanka Private Bus Owners Association (LPBOA) President Gemunu Wijeratne said.

“Our buses need a place to stop at the Angulana junction but the authorities have not given up space for that. We told them of this issue two years ago but it has not been resolved as of yet. We were allowed to park close to the De Soyza flats earlier, but even that is taken away from us.


If we are not allowed to park our buses we cannot function properly. We will strike until the Authorities solve this problem” stated Wijerathna with regards to the current situation on the strike.


He said a similar situation has risen regards the bus halting place at Dehiwela concerning the bus route number 163 and unless swift action is taken to resolve the issue, they will continue to strike.

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