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Sri Lanka's university system should be aligned with needs of the modern economy - UNDP report

2013 Sep 30

A report compiled by the United Nations Development Programme (UNDP) states that Sri Lanka's university system should be aligned with the needs of the modern economy.

The UNDP's Sri Lanka Human Development Report states that there is an inadequate capacity of the country's tertiary education system.

The report also states that local universities are also heavily focused on non-technical disciplines that do not generate skills required by a modern economy.

According to the report, the study area of Sri Lanka's undergraduates had revealed a heavy concentration on Arts and Management.

It has also been noted that Sri Lankan graduates find it difficult to gain employment in the industrial sector due to the mismatch in their competencies and job requirements.

The UNDP has pointed out that there were only a few options for higher education for students who were unable to enter public universities.

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