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Implications of the humiliating defeat on Colombo regime

2013 Sep 25

The conduct of Sri Lanka’s maiden Northern Provincial Council elections and the landslide electoral victory of the major Tamil party, the Tamil National Alliance (TNA) have to be factually assessed and correctly understood, considering inevitably the intransigent ground politico-military realities.

Desperately wanting to show the world, ideally before the upcoming CHOGM summit that it has restored democracy in the former war zones, the war-rhetoric regime of President Mahinda Rajapaksa made full use of the state resources to ensure a political victory in the former LTTE strongholds. But against all odds and military intimidations, the resilient Tamil people resolutely voted the TNA to secure the maiden administration of the council, although they do not believe that this unit of devolution would solve their grievances and political aspirations.

Licking the wounds resulting from the humiliating defeat in the hands of the Tamil people from the war-ravaged Northern Jaffna and Wanni districts, the Rajapaksa regime has now reactivated its vicious propaganda machinery both state and private to project the TNA’s victory, on the one hand, as having demonstrated the “functioning of democracy” in the former war zones and on the other that it is a referendum for a separate state, which the LTTE fought militarily.

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