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Views expressed on HR and Navanethem Pillay on political platforms

2013 Aug 30

Views continue to be expressed on the subjects of human rights and Navanethem Pillay on election platforms.

UPFA Parliamentarian Namal Rajapaksa expressed his view;

“This is the first occasion in our country's history where development which encompasses all sectors and subjects is underway. Unfortunately, the opposition cannot see this. These days they are quite busy creating and submitting reports on human rights. They cannot create reports which meet the needs of the people in the villages. They do not speak of the issues faced in the education sector, they do not speak about the issues faced by school children. They have no need to go to the villages, meet with the people and inquire into their shortcomings. However, they know how to create international reports and write letters calling for the creation of international commissions.”

UPFA Parliamentarian, Roshan Ranasinghe, shared his view;

“Today the Human Rights Commissioner is in the country, however the activities that are being carried out against the country are continuing, they continue to grow. As a solution to this we should rally around the SLFP-led alliance and provide a resounding victory.”  

Minister of Economic Development Basil Rajapaksa said:

“No one had the right to live anywhere in the country, not just in the North or East. The right to live is one of the main human rights that Pillay is looking into. the people of this country did not have it before ."

UPFA Candidate-Central Provincial Council and Attorney-at -Law Anuradha Jayaratne shared an opinion;

"We will not allow anyone to disturb the peace and development in our country. We will not allow anyone to reverse the victories that we have achieved. In order to overcome the forces that are working to reverse our achievements what you should do is to cast you vote for the betel leaf and provide strength to the President." 


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