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34 705 Northerners get NICs and birth certificates before elections

2013 Aug 29

Crowds gather to obtain identification documents

 Mobile clinics to provide identification documents to the residents of the Northern Province, jointly conducted by Campaign for Free and Fair Elections (CaFFE,) Centre for Human Rights (CHR) and the Department for Registration of Persons (DRP,) have provided National Identity Cards and Birth Certificates for 34 705 Northerners in 41 days. As the election approaches the number of people attending these clinics have increased dramatically field officers claim.

 This programme, commenced after continuous requests by District Secretaries and Divisional Secretaries, initially facilitated 12 000 persons. As the demand for the services grew CaFFE and CHR expanded the mobile clinics to facilitate more people. 20 341 applications for NICs, 14 000 applications for Birth Certificates and 364 applications for marriage and death certificates have been received.

Already 9000 persons have been provided with NICs by DRP. Those who apply can obtain the NIC within 16 days.

 The last of the mobile clinics will be held on August 29 at Kareinagar, Jaffna and on August 30 – 31 at Uduwil.

 Around 85 000 individuals in the Northern Province do not have a valid identification document necessary to vote in September 21 Provincial Council Elections. Those without a valid identity card will lose the chance to vote, however there is a possibility of procuring a temporary identity card from the Grama Niladari of the place of one’s residence.


A joint press release issued by CaFFE and CHR

 August 29, 2013 

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